Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dream Journalling

Keeping a Dream Journal

I know, I know… you're sick of hearing me go on and on about this!  LOL

For those that don't know, I tend to lecture ENDLESSLY in my online chat to members to keep a dream journal.  I imagine its gets tired to many pretty quick.  *blush*

It IS an amazing tool though, otherwise I wouldn't go on about it the way that I do.

The mind is a very active thing, it's ALWAYS working.  When we sleep, the conscious mind, or the ego is out of the way so to speak.


I'm trying something new this time.  lol

Usually when I put up a new site, or renew an old one, I spend days/weeks getting it to look and work 'just so'.

This time I thought I'd try something different.

This time I'm gonna get the CONTENT and substance working and up and THEN focus on the bells and whistles.  lol

Bear with me...this could get bumpy!